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Faye Valentine is now in the physical stage!

Back in 2016 when the anime genre was still a new venture for First 4 Figures, CEO Alex Davis posted a design poll for Spike Spiegel in the Official Collectors Club, asking if the shorter or longer face looked better. To everyone’s surprise and excitement, this, too, confirmed that First 4 Figures had the license to Cowboy Bebop. Four years have passed since then, and we are now on our third statue in the lineup. How time flies!

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After much development behind the scenes, our COWBOY BEBOP – FAYE VALENTINE statue is now in the physical stage! We’ve made some improvements since we first revealed the femme fatale of the Bebop crew, such as her overall design and the color of her clothing, but we’ve now reached a point where she’s been approved by our licensor! As you can see, she has her signature off-the-shoulder look, her sunglasses in one hand, and it seems like her left leg is off the ground? Only time can tell.

This is all that we can show you for now, but what do you guys think so far? Let us know in the comments section below. For more exclusive behind-the-scenes content, join us in our Official Collectors Club on Facebook.



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